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E=MC     Creations


The imagination of a child; we all have had the opportunity to see the world through this media. It granted us the opportunity to build a world in which we could be who, what, where, and when we wanted to be. We learned to dream. As time passes, we build a cache of beliefs, feelings, & emotions. These begin to take over the dreams we once lived.

As an artist my goal is to capture these dreams & present it to the viewers, hoping to light a spark that may have been lost. To do this, I capture a glimpse into one's life, or create a world all of its own. Then, through presentation,  I let the piece tell the story through the mind of the viewer. 

This allows for a story that is unique & individualized all on its own. From reality to fiction, through multiple different medias, I capture & create for those around me.

I do not have a specific method, or type of art, that I create. But through trials & errors of traveling through all the many types of media, I am finding new ways that capture my fascination & add to my knowledge as an artist. Allowing me to capture more & reach further.

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" - Unknown

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