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Elizabeth Coble

I am an artist just starting out on my adventure of a life time...


I have always had a love for art, from installations to photography. But didn't decide to follow this passion until a couple of years ago. This decision was made during a time in ones life, when you are forced to take a good hard look at what you want to be & where you want to go. I had two paths that I could follow, one being safe & reliable, while the other would be challenging yet satisfying, allowing me to do what I love.

The seed for this path began at a very young age for me. My grandmother was very artistic & I loved to watch her paint, sew, & knit. The way lines & values could be captured by the slightest wisp of a brush fascinated me. This fascination grew within me, but I focused on other subjects such as sports, school, & dance.

While growing up I also had another fascination that consumed me: horses. These magnificent creatures amazed me with their beauty, strength, & personality. But just as with art I had to place this love to the side.

As time passed by dreams slowly became reality. I was given my first horse when I was eighteen years old. This made me realize that if you work hard you can make anything become real. The seed then began to grow...

I had taken art classes in high school & had been told repeatedly about how much people liked my art. I was often asked, "What do you plan to do for college?" They would then continue talking about how I should follow this passion. That I shouldn't push it away.

After throwing this idea around & around. I decided that I would follow this dream. The flower began to blossom... 


I now create different subjects in many different forms of media ranging from painting & charcoal to photography. I have also had the opportunity to create three-dimensional forms. But just as when I was younger, my passion is still with those magical creatures that still take my breathe away.



"What if I fall?

Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?"

- E.H.

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